Our Programs


Small minimums, R&D work, Versatile, & Cross-Functional


With products varying in pack size, from 16 ounce bottles to 5 gallon buckets, we are able to tailor to the individual customer needs. We offer small minimums so any processor can utilize our high quality products. Our Lynn’s signature blends are the perfect addition to any operations pantry, providing on-trend flavors, beautiful visuals and an incredibly versatile and efficient approach to cross-functional usage.

Industrial Projects

Whatever your project requires, we can help you with all your product needs. From Ready to Use marinades to our Starter Sauces Program – perfect for ‘Cook in the Bag’ products – Lynn’s Foods can elevate your program to the next level.

Want to Spice Up
Your Life?

Check out our sister company, Everson Spice Co., for all your seasoning needs!